Calderon Gallery

Studio Atomic

Art Gallery
New York, NY


Studio Atomic envisioned the interior and lighting design for the 1,600 square foot Latinx-owned Calderon Gallery, located in a bright, windowed, street level space in the South Street Seaport district in lower Manhattan. 

Focusing on exposure for Latinx artists, the gallery was conceived as a large, open plan space, extending from the street-facing entrance to the back where a glass wall frames an outdoor terrace, providing an additional path for natural light to permeate the luminous space.  A false wall acts as a seamless curtain along the edges of the gallery’s structural perimeter, hiding mechanical elements and creating a niche for bookshelves and closed storage areas while the lighting plan encompasses the whole of the interior, brightly and evenly illuminating the gallery space while allowing for maximum flexibility in exhibition concept, layout and installation


Client: Nicole Calderon 

Floor Area: 1,600 sqf

Year: 2021

Status: completed