Hotel Aka

Lissoni & Partners

New York, NY


AKA NoMad is a hotel project located in the heart of Manhattan, designed by Piero Lissoni.
The hotel captures the vibrant atmosphere and pulse of New York City's lifestyle. Its interiors echo the city's diverse music and energy, with a design that encompasses a range of influences from Japan to Scandinavia.

Studio Atomic worked closely with the Lissoni team to soften and entice the environment with diffused light and accents of light moments, creating a cohesive ensemble of materials, furniture, objects, and spaces to welcome guests.

This design concept was applied throughout the hotel's amenities, including the bar, meeting room, dining room, guest rooms, terraces, gym, and reception. Various lighting programs were implemented to meet the needs of guests during both long and short stays. These different lighting environments subtly create backgrounds that tie the overall space together, highlighting the design concept and delivering a sense of discovery. The lighting also creates a calibrated ambiance for different moments, from intimate gatherings to large public events.


Interior Designer: Lissoni & Partners

Client: Korman Communities

Floor Area: 56,000 SQF

Year: 2023

Status: Completed

Renders: Lissoni & Partners

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Totaro (1)

Photo Credit: Jonathan Hokklo (2-5)(7)(8)(10-13)

Photo Credit: Veeral Patel (6)(9)